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          Our Business

             SAMBU GROUP is a socially integrated

             business. We manufacture not only

             pineapple and coconut products, but enrich

             peoples’ lives in the process.

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          Brands &Products

              Our products are catered to both national

             and international consumers with the best

             standards to meet the demands of all

             markets in the coconut industry.        

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Factory Plantation



             We are certified to produce according to

             international standards.

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         Research & Development

            We never stop innovating and our research

            and development team is dedicated to

            innovative strategies on our methods of

           manufacture and products. Innovation is our

           core belief and research and development is

           the key to our success.

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PS Kuala Enok 


         Factory & Plantation

             Our factories and plantations are located in

             Indonesia, where the best coconuts are grown.

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Sambu Group

Jalan Rawa Bebek No.26
Gedong Panjang, Jakarta Utara
021 6603926, 6604026
WhatsApp : 0812 8080 8095




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